Throughout the world, hospitals of all shapes and sizes use Datix

Datix supports hospitals who aim to improve their level of care.

Our software delivers a comprehensive look at how your hospital functions and where improvement is needed. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to implement change and improve patient safety.

Datix is designed to encourage full participation. Our intuitive and dynamic forms take the frustration out of reporting while capturing all pertinent information. We offer anonymous reporting which removes a culture of fear and increases staff involvement. If staff members do provide contact details we reinforce the value of their submissions. They will receive updates throughout the investigation process, confirming that their contributions are appreciated and action is being taken.

With our software hospitals are able to learn from their mistakes and take proactive action to avoid future incidents. Become a high reliability organization, mitigating risks, improving patient experience, and increasing ROI.

Key features

  • Intuitive reporting forms
  • Capture statistics on CAUTI, CLASBI, HAI, medication errors and falls
  • Efficient workflow for investigation with overdue reminders
  • Group Dashboard reports by department and compare results
  • Reports display real-time data
  • Restrict access to relevant parties
  • Alerts staff to potential trouble spots
  • Improve patient experience and HCAHPS results