Health Systems

Datix is globally utilized by many healthcare systems globally

Datix is globally utilized by many healthcare systems because we efficiently process large amounts of data and a high volume of users.

Protecting your data is our first priority. Only authorized users have access to specific records and PHI. Security settings will be tailored to your preference, with users granted broad or precise access. Once security is assigned, management duties are delegated to users, reducing the burden on your central administration.

Datix tracks risks throughout your health system. Use our built-in hierarchy to record data for all locations and compare performance on our Dashboard reports. Observe which facilities have the most incidents, complaints or claims and focus your energies on addressing problem areas. Immediately begin capturing data with our pre-installed Datix Common Classification System. The CCS can be modified to meet your requirements or replaced with your own customized taxonomy.

Datix is centrally deployed and locally configured to allow a cohesive installation throughout your health system and modifications to encompass your specialized facilities.

Key features

  • Accommodate a high volume of records, users, and locations
  • Restrict data access to relevant parties
  • Delegate security to local managers, reducing the burden on central administration
  • Specify your locations with 7 tiers of hierarchy
  • Use dashboards to compare facility performance
  • Customize your own taxonomy
  • Deploy centrally, configure locally