Enterprise Risk Register

Protect and create value by priorizing, managing and reducing the risks in your organization.

Datix Enterprise Risk Register helps you protect and create value, reaching beyond information silos to prioritize and reduce risks across the enterprise.

Datix Enterprise Risk Register is at the very heart of the Datix patient safety and risk management portfolio. It gives you a consolidated view of risks across the enterprise and provides decision support to prioritize and manage risks. Datix aggregates risks from the ground up to provide a panoramic view of enterprise risk while supporting local improvement.

Risk portfolio

It is vital to the effectiveness of the ERM program that an organization aligns its risk mitigation strategy with risk tolerance levels. Datix Enterprise Risk Register provides a matrix which scores each risk based on likelihood and impact, with the scores being updated periodically throughout the risk life cycle. Datix’s dashboard and reporting features provide a clear picture of risk and safety information from across the organization, proving the impact of investments made to control risk and enabling focus on areas of concern.

A system for the whole enterprise

Risks can be captured at every level, from operational risks faced by staff on the ground, to strategic risks at the executive level. Individual departments and services can keep their own risk registers, managing issues which affect the different environments in which they operate. Data from these will roll-up to enterprise domains, delivering a prioritized portfolio of risks across the entire organization. Datix’s comprehensive security controls ensure that users in a department or service view only their risks.

Measure effectiveness of mitigation efforts

Datix helps you to determine control measures and strategies, scheduling actions where current controls are inadequate. Datix Enterprise Risk enables you to monitor current and desired risk levels before and after control measures and improvement techniques are introduced. The 
risk score trend provides a view of progress made from the initial assessment against the desired level. Datix Enterprise Risk Register enables constant vigilance to protect your organization, patients and staff

A fully integrated risk management system

Measurement of risk is supported through integration with Datix Incident Reporting, Patient Experience and  Claims or legacy internal and  
vendor-provided systems. For example, as patient falls are considered a risk for the organization, individual incidents, complaints and claims which relate to patient falls are automatically linked to the risk as soon as they are added to the system. Upon reviewing the risk, these linked records provide information which is invaluable in determining the current risk level and priority.


The highly configurable nature of Datix software gives Mercy a tool to accurately reflect its current and future patient safety culture and processes
Dr. Peter Brawer Mercy
We were particularly impressed by the Datix leadership team who took an active interest in helping us make tangible improvements
Dr Alan Forster Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The implementation approach has helped foster a safety culture based on a more consistent, just and transparent reporting and learning environment
Annemarie Taylor BC Patient Safety Learning System

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