Patient Experience

Improve patient experience and stay ahead of satisfaction scores with real time responses

Improve patient experience and stay ahead of satisfaction scores with real time responses

The Datix Patient Experience module gives you the tools you need to manage patient relations, allowing you to respond promptly and effectively to grievances and concerns. Identify areas where the quality and efficiency of your service could be improved, help investigate the issues and put in place plans and deadlines for improvement. Datix lets you know when you need to reply to a patient, making sure that patients are always kept informed. Relations managers can log into Datix and be shown complaints by due date.

Automatically generated response

Letters and memos are generated automatically when a response is due and stored with the details of the complaint. Letters from patients can be scanned and attached to a complaint. 

Secure information at your fingertips

Patient relations managers will appreciate the instantaneous access to information. Search features enable you to have cases at your fingertips and pinpoint complaints by keywords.

Helping to improve your services

Datix will help you identify areas that are frequently the subject of concerns, allowing you to focus on these in your efforts to improve services for patients and staff. 

Turn feedback into training

Datix Patient Experience can also record all kinds of feedback from service users and staff and can be used effectively in training, induction seminars and staff appraisals.

Robust audit

Datix can also email correspondence directly. All documentation is filed with the complaint with a robust audit function so you can easily refer back to correspondence at any time.

Delegate complaints

Datix can be made available on your intranet, which means that dealing with complaints can be delegated to managers in the departments where the complaints originated.


The highly configurable nature of Datix software gives Mercy a tool to accurately reflect its current and future patient safety culture and processes
Dr. Peter Brawer Mercy
We were particularly impressed by the Datix leadership team who took an active interest in helping us make tangible improvements
Dr Alan Forster Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The implementation approach has helped foster a safety culture based on a more consistent, just and transparent reporting and learning environment
Annemarie Taylor BC Patient Safety Learning System

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