Incident Reporting

Promote a culture of learning by recording, investigating and analyzing your incidents.

Protecting patients from harm requires active surveillance within a safety culture that encourages self-reporting of errors and near misses.

Datix enables incident reports to be submitted from wards, ambulance stations, GP practices and independent contractors, greatly improving rates of reporting & promoting ownership of risk.

Our online incident reporting form has been designed in consultation with our users so that it is simple to use and suitable for both clinical and non-clinical incident reporting. The user interface can be personalised to your needs and workflows amended to match your organisational structure. Incidents can be submitted by anyone in your organisation with access to a computer.

Engage your teams

Each care setting has unique circumstances that should be reflected in the incident report forms so you are not distracted by irrelevant questions. If you operate an Accountable Care Organization, your entire enterprise can report safety issues through forms that comply with your program standards and are relevant to each setting.

Team huddle topics

Safety huddles keep current risks top-of-mind and resolve concerns proactively. Datix Incident Reporting combined with Datix Safety Alerts provides teams with daily huddle topics that include local incidents and near misses, enterprise level alerts and lessons learned to ensure the spread of improvements and awareness.

Flexible form and workflow design

Datix Incident Reporting gives you the flexibility to configure your data dictionary, forms, and workflows according to your organization’s priorities. The powerful Datix Common Classification System aligns with the AHRQ Common Formats and other international standards. Datix also tracks submissions to Patient Safety Organizations.

A complete solution

Datix Incident Reporting fully integrates with the other Datix modules to deliver a comprehensive safety and risk management solution. Information on incidents automatically feeds into the Datix Enterprise Risk Register, enabling you to assess and prioritize your risks as part of your governance, risk and compliance program.

Triage and investigation

Routing event reports immediately according to categories, areas involved, and risk will improve triage and investigation time. Safety professionals shift their effort to improving safety with team leaders rather than chasing investigative tasks. Safety culture is improved when teams see timely and consistent responses to the events they report.

Rapid reporting and analysis

Producing powerful reports and management information to suit your audience is easy and intuitive with Datix Incident Reporting and does not require you to export data or use another reporting package. Datix ensures the information flows back to the people who need it most and those the safety program relies on to eliminate preventable harm.



The highly configurable nature of Datix software gives Mercy a tool to accurately reflect its current and future patient safety culture and processes
Dr. Peter Brawer Mercy
We were particularly impressed by the Datix leadership team who took an active interest in helping us make tangible improvements
Dr Alan Forster Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The implementation approach has helped foster a safety culture based on a more consistent, just and transparent reporting and learning environment
Annemarie Taylor BC Patient Safety Learning System

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