Claims Management

Datix Claims Management combines enterprise perspectives of risk with daily claims management tools

Datix Claims Management combines enterprise perspectives of risk with daily claims management tools, informing your enterprise risk program and tracking back from incidents to protect your patients and your organization.

From notification of claim to resolution, Datix keeps track of all the stages of the claim with workflows that mirror your processes and the laws of your state. It lets you know when actions are due and management can stay informed when payments or reserves exceed thresholds for your organization, meaning you never miss a deadline.

Financial features include a full range of transaction types for payments and reserves, enabling in-depth and thorough analysis of cost by firm, expert or other service provider.

Generate documents

Datix automatically generates letters and memos to plaintiffs, defendants and counsel, merging names, addresses, and other details of the claim. You can also attach letters and other documents to the claim record, ensuring that all correspondence can be retrieved easily.

Automatic information visibility

If the incident that led to the claim is already recorded in Datix, there is no need to retype any information. You can easily see where an incident or complaint has become a claim, and where the same patient has been involved in multiple claims, other incidents or has submitted complaints.

Insurance program management

Datix tracks policy management details and insured information, as well as tracking your layers and relationships among coverages as claims develop. Policy renewal is simple, rolling effective dates for  new policies forward from the  previous year allowing you to  change what matters. 

Enterprise cost of risk

Insights into the cost of risk can help you keep track of your overall claims management costs. Combining Datix Claims with Incident Reporting and Enterprise Risk Register modules  brings a comprehensive view of risk  that connects the dots of incident  activity and the potential cost of risk  that it can generate.

Report generator

Datix provides a fully-featured, flexible, and easy-to-use report generator, allowing you to report on all claims, with transactions and financial forecasts. Dashboards deliver action oriented views from data entry roles to executive leadership, while loss runs, summaries, and policy analysis provide the nuts and bolts reporting.

Integration with your TPA

We integrate with most third party administrators when you want control over your risk information but use a TPA to manage the day-to-day claims activity. Whether you use a TPA for all your coverages or a few, Datix Claims Management will consolidate the information on your schedule.


The highly configurable nature of Datix software gives Mercy a tool to accurately reflect its current and future patient safety culture and processes
Dr. Peter Brawer Mercy
We were particularly impressed by the Datix leadership team who took an active interest in helping us make tangible improvements
Dr Alan Forster Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The implementation approach has helped foster a safety culture based on a more consistent, just and transparent reporting and learning environment
Annemarie Taylor BC Patient Safety Learning System

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