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Datix has been a pioneer in the field of patient safety since 1986

We help our customers protect patients from harm by creating opportunities to learn from things that go wrong.

Who We Are

Datix has been a global pioneer in the field of patient safety over the past three decades and today is the leading provider of software for patient safety and risk management for the healthcare sector. Our products are the result of our continued drive for innovation. Advances in software and cutting-edge data analytics have enabled us to produce a range of tools that help our customers create opportunities to learn from things that go wrong. Datix continually invests in its software and services, maintaining a leadership position at the forefront of the worldwide patient safety movement.

Focused on the health and social care sector

Datix is focused on the health and social care sector, including more than 80% of the National Health Service (NHS). Sectors include:

Datix Offices

Datix is growing rapidly internationally. We have large scale deployments in the USA and Canada and customers in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

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The history of Datix

  1. Datix founded in London as the world's first patient safety software company

    Datix has its roots in earliest days of the patient safety movement in the United Kingdom. Because of our origins in a law firm specializing in defending National Health Service hospitals against clinical negligence claims, the original focus of the software was on the management and minimization of legal claims. The software was built on the premise that in order to reduce the burden of clinical negligence claims on the NHS, it was essential to reduce the harm caused to patients involved in incidents.

  2. First patient safety contract in the UK with the NHS

    Most of the earliest Datix customers are well known names in healthcare in the UK and are still using the software today. This idea of reducing harm to patients by analyzing the factors contributing to incidents was revolutionary at the time.

  3. Datix launches the first claims management module

    In the same year as the first Claims management module was released, the NHS Litigation Authority was established. With a dramatic rise in the value of claims against the NHS, a not-for-profit body was required to manage negligence and other claims on behalf of their member organizations. The Datix Claims module helped the NHS Trusts to supply the right information to the NHSLA and help to resolve disputes fairly, share learning about risks and standards in the NHS and improve safety for patients and staff.

  4. Incident and Feedback modules introduced

    Datix created software modules for managing incidents and complaints, enabling contributory factors to be recorded and analyzed so that actions could be taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Ideally, when a hospital received a claim from a patient, it would be possible to view in Datix the incident or complaint that led to the claim in the first place. These modules were created to support improvement in the quality of service.

  5. The Risk Register is released

    The reporting of incidents is fundamental to understanding and managing risk in your organization. Just as fundamental is the proactive identification of risks, their prioritization and putting in place action plans to reduce likelihood of recurrence. The Datix Risk Register was a huge leap forward in understanding and analyzing the risks that exist at all levels of healthcare providers.

  6. First web-based incident management system

    Another major breakthrough came with the introduction of DatixWeb. The first versions of DatixWeb enabled people to input incidents from any terminal in the hospital, revolutionizing the process of incident reporting and eliminating at a stroke the backlog of paper incident reports awaiting input into the system. The ability to investigate, manage and analyze incidents in DatixWeb followed soon after, as well as the addition of similar capabilities for the other Datix modules. This extended Datix’s capabilities, making them accessible to as many people within the hospital as needed them.

  7. First Datix international contract

    Datix’s first system outside the UK and Ireland was the Patient Safety and Learning System (PSLS) of British Columbia in Canada. Following a rigorous competitive procurement process involving companies from around the world, Datix was awarded the contract. PSLS covers the entire healthcare system for the province and is one of the largest and most successful deployments of Datix in the world. It was groundbreaking for Datix as it was by far the largest implementation at the time and it paved the way for other large implementations around the world.

  8. World’s largest patient safety software licence

    Our first customer in the USA remains our largest. In 2008, the United States Department of Defense was looking for patient safety reporting and learning software for its Military Health System, which provides healthcare services to active duty and retired servicemen and women in the US military, along with their families, wherever they are stationed around the world. This gave us more unique insights into large scale systems, as well as the rigour of having to conform to stringent security standards.

  9. Datix rolled out to Australia

    Datix was announced as the successful vendor in providing a statewide Safety Learning System to the South Australia Department of Health. The Safety Learning System replaced SA Health's current Incident Management System with a web application enabling health workers to log incidents, feedback and complaints. The new system marked a change from the reporting of incidents to learning from incidents, feedback and complaints in order to improve consumer safety and outcomes.

  10. First overseas office opens in Chicago

    The opening of our first office in the United States of America followed increased interest in the incident reporting and risk management software from healthcare organizations in the region and the continued growth in the customer base in North America. Speaking in 2012, CEO Jonathan Hazan said, "Opening an office in Chicago was a natural extension to Datix's planned growth. We have seen increased interest in improving clinical and operating efficiencies within healthcare organizations, using technology to record and manage incidents and risks. Patient safety is of paramount importance the world over and as such it is important for Datix to have a local presence in North America in addition to its Headquarters in the United Kingdom."

  11. UK’s largest independent health and social care launches Datix

    As part of Datix's continued expansion into private and social care and helping to protect patients from harm in a variety of healthcare settings, Datix supported the UK's largest independent health and social care group in pioneering work by creating a single patient safety framework based on Datix software. Since deploying the Datix Incident module throughout the care home network, Four Seasons has saved time, increased the numbers of incidents reported and encouraged consistent ways of working.

  12. Datix launches ground-breaking Datix Cloud IQ system

    "Datix, the world’s leading provider of patient safety software, has released Datix Cloud IQ, an enhanced SaaS based application that enables healthcare organizations to go beyond simple incident data, to actually uncover “why” mistakes happen – allowing healthcare providers to eliminate root cause issues that lead to medical errors, and truly embed change in their organization."

    With Datix Cloud IQ, healthcare executives can reverse the negative and increasing trend of preventable patient harm. The ground-breaking software provides the means for organizations to significantly improve institutional learning, resulting in better patient outcomes, enhanced efficiency and reduced cost. Find out more here

  13. Datix awarded contract for one of the largest health systems in the world

    Datix will support Joint Patient Safety Reporting initiative in collaboration with the Defense Health Agency and Veterans Healthcare Administration. The Defense Health Agency has selected the Datix web-based patient safety software to integrate the DHA/VHA on the same centralized Patient Safety system as part of their Joint Patient Safety Reporting project. This program, established under Congressional mandate, aims to integrate data from both organizations to provide more awareness and insight into healthcare safety issues that can help reduce preventable patient harm.

    The team at Datix’s new Fairfax, Virginia office will provide support and services relating to system integration and training for this effort. Find out more here

  14. Datix acquires Australia's leading patient safety software provider

    Datix acquires RiskMan International Pty Ltd, Australia’s premier provider of patient safety software. Both companies have a shared mission and are now able to help even more customers protect patients from harm by combining nearly fifty years of healthcare risk management experience.

  15. Datix and RL Solutions join forces

    RL Solutions and Datix, leading providers of healthcare quality and patient safety software, combine to form a global leader in patient safety, quality and infection prevention.

    With this combination, the company will have over 300 dedicated staff and more than 3,000 clients in 19 countries around the globe, making it the world’s largest software company focused exclusively on patient safety and quality.

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