Datix operates in countries across the globe, helping organisations from a wide range of sectors to manage their risk. Over 30 years' experience means we are perfectly placed to support the development of your quality improvement processes.

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Throughout the world, hospitals of all shapes and sizes use Datix to help improve patient safety. Many hospitals also use Datix to help improve safety for healthcare workers, visitors and contractors. In a hospital setting, a nurse, doctor or even a patient can report an incident, near miss, complaint or concern on an easy to use web form. The incident can be managed at a local level on the ward or in a lab, while contributing to the safety picture of the entire hospital.

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Social Care

Datix gives care home managers the information they need to build a complete picture of risk in their organisation. Datix can help to improve safety for residents and staff, while reducing administrative overheads. From small care homes to large groups, Datix plays a key part in the corporate governance of the organisation.

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Primary Care

Datix is used by general practitioners, family physicians, district nurses and other primary care professionals to submit incidents for their practice, clinic or the organisation they belong to. They can also manage investigations for their own incidents and run reports to help pinpoint areas for improvement.

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Mental Health

Datix is ideal for mental health and learning disability providers that may have many hundreds of different sites. A healthcare professional can report incidents, hazards and near misses on an easy to use web form.

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Other Sectors

Datix software has a proven track record of success in large and small scale implementations at organisations of all types, not just healthcare. They span the spectrum of care across regions and continents, from high street pharmacy chains to regional water boards. Datix allows incidents to be tracked from start to finish, across the continuum of service, to build a complete picture of the quality of the service provision.

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