Incident Reporting Software

Promote a culture of learning by recording, investigating and analysing your incidents

Protecting patients from harm requires active surveillance within a safety culture that encourages self-reporting of errors and near misses.

Datix enables incident reports to be submitted from wards, ambulance stations, GP practices and independent contractors, greatly improving rates of reporting & promoting ownership of risk.

Our online incident reporting form has been designed in consultation with our users so that it is simple to use and suitable for both clinical and non-clinical incident reporting. The user interface can be personalised to your needs and workflows amended to match your organisational structure. Incidents can be submitted by anyone in your organisation with access to a computer.

A simple, flexible and secure solution

Users in each department or site can be given access to Datix to analyse and run reports on incidents, thus encouraging local ownership of patient safety. These users will only be able to view and report on incidents relevant to them, while at corporate level, managers can view incidents that occur across the entire organisation. Datix’s comprehensive security model means you can restrict access to personal information on a ‘need to know’ basis, satisfying the demands of data protection. 

More than just incident reporting

Our incident reporting software fully integrates with other Datix modules including claims, complaints and patient feedback management software to deliver a comprehensive risk management solution.

Information on incidents automatically feeds into the Datix risk register, enabling you to assess and prioritise your risks as part of a comprehensive governance solution

Rapid reporting and analysis

Producing powerful reports and management information is simple with Datix Incident Reporting and does not require you to export data or use another reporting package. With Datix, you can adapt the format of reports to suit your audience: you can produce detailed reports on each incident for staff on wards, statistical breakdowns for the risk management committee or graphical analyses of trends for the Board.

Assisting investigations

Datix allows you to record detailed information on investigations, including likely future risk to your organisation, impact on patients and root causes.

Support is provided for your internal procedures, allowing you to monitor the progress of any inquiry and keep managers fully informed.



It has become a highly valuable, strategic tool that enables us to ensure our entire healthcare environment is run efficiently.
Matthew Joyes Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust
Datix is central to our business. It has rapidly become an intrinsic and strategic part of our overall business operations.
Sue Goldsmith Four Seasons Health Care
Not only did Datix display a flexible approach to putting the solution in place, they also worked very closely with us on training and consultancy.
Su Barnett Nuffield Health
Incident Reporting Software

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