Datix Anywhere

Revolutionise the way you capture incidents with the Datix Anywhere mobile app

Incident reporting plays a key role in a culture of learning. 

Datix Anywhere makes it easier than ever to report incidents when they happen, from anywhere they occur. Datix Anywhere is an easy to use mobile app that enables anyone to report an incident on a mobile device at the touch of a button. 

It can help increase the number of incidents reported, support engagement with staff and ensure incidents are investigated as soon as possible. Staff working remotely can log incidents as soon as they occur, rather than having to wait until they are on site again. 

Once a reporter installs Datix Anywhere on their mobile device, they can log an incident by typing in its details or by talking directly into their phone. Datix Anywhere uses sophisticated voice recognition software to turn speech into text, reducing the amount of time reporters spend recording incidents, without the quality of information being impacted. 

This revolutionary new application has an intelligent design that allows for the quickest entry of data in customisable forms, which means the reporting of incidents can be done instantly, encouraging active surveillance within a learning culture.

Datix Anywhere Incident reporting screen

Datix Anywhere mobile app voice to text screen

Datix Anywhere

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