Integration Services

Improve user experience by integrating Datix with other healthcare systems

A Datix system will function more effectively within a modern healthcare organisation by reducing the barriers to data sharing between healthcare computer systems.

All the Datix application modules are deployed with functionality that can be used to interface the Datix product with such systems. Though it is possible for any Datix customer to take advantage of these interfaces themselves, Datix also offers an Integration Consultancy service, which allows us to use our expertise with the product to assist organisations with making the right choices. This document will describe the range of interfaces that Datix offers.

Standard integration options

Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Integration

An ADT interface will connect the Datix system with a Patient Administration System (PAS), and ensure that all patient information in Datix is up to date. As soon as a change is made in the PAS system, Datix will be notified and the same change will be made, whether that is the addition of a new patient, an update of existing demographic information or a merge of duplicate patient data.

Electronic Staff Records (ESR) Integration

An ESR interface will permit staff records to be periodically brought in from a staff management system. This will ensure that all of your staff are available as contacts in the Datix system, who can then be linked to records.

Active Directory (AD) Integration

Organisations will often have a Windows Active Directory system that controls the access that their staff have to digital resources. Datix can integrate directly with this Active Directory setup, to enable the staff of an organisation to gain access to the Datix system using their existing username and password, without placing any administrative burden on the Datix Administrator to manage users and passwords separately.

Bulk contact import

A bulk contact import will enable a large set of contact records to be pre-loaded into a system during a transition to Datix and/or initial system setup, to ensure that from the moment the system goes live, all patient and staff details are available to be used.

Contact lookup

A contact lookup interface will enable the Datix system to pull contacts in from another system when searched for by a user, ensuring that when a user is adding information into Datix that the information is always up to date. This would normally be used to pull in data from systems where there is no instantaneous update of data available via an ADT interface, such as an employee system.

Data Warehouse export

Organisations will often have a data warehouse that allows them to aggregate data from their Datix system with their other organisational systems to permit larger-scale analysis. Datix is able to schedule a regular export of recently-updated record data from the Datix database in JSON format to support integrations with data warehouses.

Bespoke integration options

Regulatory reporting

Organisations will often need to produce regular reports to regional or national bodies that oversee quality in healthcare, and Datix can assist where this requirement involves information found in the Datix database, whether the requirement is outputting a particular format of data to be sent to a regulator, or directly connecting to an interface provided.

Other integration projects

There are many other healthcare systems that can benefit from integrating with Datix, ranging from interfacing with bespoke drug or asset databases to keep the Medications and Equipment modules up to date, to using external systems to automatically trigger the creation of incident records, and even sending out activity notifications via SMS text messages or pager messages. Our consultants are always happy to talk through a potential data interface project to establish whether it is something we can help with.

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