Patient Incident Report and Adverse Event Reporting Form

The key to sustainable reductions in medical errors lies in the incident reporting form and template used within your patient safety program.

As simple as an incident reporting form and template is, it can transform the way you manage near misses and adverse events, from how the incident is documented to the way in which the incident is investigated to the analysis of causes. The Datix Incident Reporting System and Adverse Event Reporting software module includes an incident reporting form and template that enables reports to be submitted from anywhere in a hospital or other care setting, greatly improving rates of reporting and promoting ownership of safety issues

A Patient Incident Report Form and Template that is Simple and Flexible

The Datix incident report form and template has been designed from the real-world perspectives of hospital managers and staff. Because it was designed in consultation from end users, it is not only simple to use, but also ideal for both non-clinical and clinical incident reporting. As such, it is equally suited for occupational health and safety incidents, as well as clinical and medical incidents. What’s more, the user interface can be adapted to your organization’s needs, with workflows designed to match the structure of your organization. Anyone in your organization who has access to a computer on your network can submit an incident report.

To encouraging local ownership of patient safety, users in each department can be given access to the incident reporting form and template, as well as other Datix modules that allows them to analyze and run reports on incidents. To keep your staff focused on the things that are within their span of control, they are only able to view and report on incidents relevant to them. Corporate managers, however, can always view incidents that occur across the entire organization. Of course, all Datix software modules, as well as the incident reporting form and template, are compliant with HIPAA, federal, and state regulations.

Powerful Reporting to Assist Investigations

The Datix Patient Incident Reporting module makes it easy to produce powerful reports and management information, with no requirement to use another reporting package or export data. In addition, the format of reports can be quickly altered to suit your audience. For instance, front-line staff might receive detailed reports on each incident, the risk management committee might be presented with statistical breakdowns of incidents, and the board might be provided high-level graphical analyzes of trends. You can even export these reports and related file data to external sources for regulatory reporting compliance requirements, at your discretion.

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