Transferring Expertise Through Training Services

Through remote, web-based interaction with software experts, Datix immerses its clients in online training for the implementation of specific products.

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The performance of a product is measured not solely by its capabilities, but – more accurately – by how well its users understand its functions. The most-innovative products in the world are, after all, rendered entirely useless if placed in the hands of those unable to use them.

Smart phones, computers, and all manner of technological devices account for little more than desk clutter without the accompanying knowledge of their operations. The same is undoubtedly true with software, and, as Datix software has been designed specifically to support and simplify processes related to patient safety, it is even more imperative that users be properly trained in the functions of their systems to ensure effectiveness and uphold patient health.

At Datix, we offer product training through online trainer-led learning. Through this process, highly accomplished Datix professionals work directly with users through a virtual interface to create a fully interactive classroom environment. This allows users to attend instructional courses through the privacy and comfort of their personal computers while keeping all the benefits of a hands-on experience.

Through remote, web-based interaction with software experts and fellow users, Datix immerses its clients in practice exercises, visual media, streaming video, and in-depth discussions on the implementation of specific products. This peer-to-peer learning experience helps build individual understanding of products while supplying users the tools to extend what they have learned to their fellow staff members.

By emphasizing the importance of peer training within organizations, Datix’s online courses ensure that the products and systems offered to clients are understood, well implemented, and used to their full potential. In addition, the methodologies used in these training courses help build workplace cohesion throughout entire organizations.

Due to a low instructor-to-student ratio, Datix’s selection of online courses provides users direct communication with instructors. One-on-one communication helps guarantee a thorough experience for users while promising that no question go unanswered.

Online trainer-led learning allows users to take courses for multiple Datix products, including the full list of DatixWeb applications such as incident reporting, enterprise risk register, patient experience, claims management, accreditation, and safety alerts. In addition to training on specific applications, Datix offers bespoke training – a process tailored directly to supporting an organization’s explicit needs. Through this process, trainers will discuss with users the ins and outs of their daily functions. Creating an open line of communication about the specific details of an organization’s daily operations ensures that every nuance of a healthcare organization is considered, and that the product package offered to the client addresses all aspects of their business.

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