The Magic of a Datix Health Check

To ensure that Datix services and modules are running at peak performance, it is critical that a Datix health check be performed at regular intervals.

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At Datix, we are dedicated to providing our clients the most up-to-date and effective means for facilitating patient safety and improving internal operations.

These services, whether designed to navigate safety incidents, maximize data sharing, or reduce complications, have been created to target specific needs and areas of concern as they relate to individual healthcare organizations. The demands of ambulance services, for instance, are vastly different from those of large hospitals or private care facilities. As such, Datix takes into account every aspect of a healthcare organization’s daily operations in order to create a custom experience that will improve operations and support staff.

To ensure that a healthcare organization’s Datix services and modules are running at peak performance, it is critical that a Datix health check be performed at regular intervals. These health checks not only guarantee that Datix services are up-to-date and running smoothly, but that any new concerns, demands, or natural progressions within an organization are accounted for.

A Datix health check analyzes every aspect of your Datix system, from coding, configuration, and form design to implementation strategies, accessibility, and staff education. Our team of highly trained and dedicated consultants work directly with organizational leaders and staff to guarantee that all systems are running properly and are well-understood by employees.

The same problem-solving approach that Datix implements through its patient safety software is used by its team of consultants to help recognize and address any potential issues. These health checks are performed over the course of two days, on average, and can be run either on-site or remotely, depending on the scope of work and individual needs of your organization.

During the health check, consultants look at every aspect of your organization’s internal systems to ensure they are in-line with Datix best practices. This helps improve the quality of future Datix support and health checks while maximizing your investment in your chosen Datix systems.

Following the health check, a comprehensive and detailed report is produced. Consultants then review the report with your team to help analyze and address any possible concerns. Much like our Datix modules, these reports are designed to be clear and concise. If any adjustments or training efforts need to be made, the consultant guides you through the process.

Datix has built its services around the idea that every healthcare organization is unique; and to properly support our clients, we have designed our health check to adapt to newly emerging challenges in the healthcare and patient safety industries. This constant attention to growth and advancement guarantees that Datix systems are always being improved.

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