Improving Data Filing and Sharing Procedures

Providing healthcare organizations improved methods for storing and sharing pertinent information is a step toward improving patient care.

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As healthcare organizations widen their reach, build partnerships with outside agencies, and grow their patient base, the amount of data that needs to be filed and shared is increased exponentially.

In the old days – which is still the case with many healthcare organizations – this data was kept primarily in the form of paper documents.

When information needed to be collected, it was filled out longhand or typed. When these documents were filed, they were tucked in manila folders and stuffed in metal filing bins, often sequestered to dark filing rooms with dusty shelves. Sharing this information required a hunt; staff members combing old stacks of papers and delivering the information in person to the respective party. Not surprisingly, these methods often resulted in misplaced data and confusion among staff.

Making Data Easily Accessible

Providing healthcare organizations improved methods for storing and sharing pertinent information is a step toward improving patient care. Using software such as DatixWeb gives hospitals the freedom to share and view information simply with the use of web-based programs. This not only reduces the chances for lost data, but also greatly minimizes time spent editing and locating documents such as patient records, policies, and claims.

When healthcare organizations partner with Datix, they undergo a thorough training program to ensure that all associated systems and modules are properly integrated and understood by staff members. Datix products are designed specifically for use in conjunction with one another. This enables staff members to access and share information along entire networks and without having to go any further than their computer screen or smart device.

As Datix encourages the use of web-based forms for documentation, changing policies and performing searches for specific keywords is made remarkably convenient. Furthermore, information can be recalled in an instant when healthcare providers need to reference past events, patient medications, or treatment history – especially when investigating adverse safety events.

Information Sharing Made Easy

Datix understands that healthcare organizations, to run properly, often require the assistance of outside agents and facilities. This cooperation can be integral for treating patients with sensitive issues and who have experienced care from a wealth of healthcare providers. Web-based forms are ideal for sharing information beyond individual organizations in a format that is easily accessible. This approach to information sharing is vital for inter-organizational partnering and ensuring patients get the best, most detailed care available.

In this age of personal smart devices and constant access to Internet connections, there is no reason why antiquated filing and sharing systems should have any hold on modern healthcare practices. By reworking an organization’s data storing procedures, more time can be set aside to ensure that staff are operating effectively and patients are being treated with the most up-to-date and advantageous services in the healthcare industry.