How Software Integration Can Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency

There is little doubt that a well-though-out and implemented software integration initiative can improve hospital effectiveness and efficiency.

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There are no breaks in healthcare.

Patients cannot afford to take time away from their treatments, and providers cannot afford to stop the continuous improvement of procedures, program, and services that create better outcomes for those they treat.

Change, however, is inevitable. Without change, organizations fall flat, procedures become outmoded and ineffective, and patients grow increasingly prone to safety incidents.

The challenge, then, comes with marrying the two. How do you bring about substantial change without halting operations, confusing staff, or creating unforeseen roadblocks in patient care pathways?

Seamless Integration of Web-Based Services

While a clunky change of direction can result in disunion, disorientation, and blunder, a streamlined and properly thought out change can improve workplace cohesion, reduce error, and save everybody involved a great deal of headache. Nowhere is that more evident than the launch of a software system that, ultimately, is designed to improve the healthcare organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

To that end, Datix offers integration services to clients implementing DatixWeb or Datix Cloud IQ. This service allows Datix to use its expertise to assist organizations with integrating its patient safety software with other healthcare applications, such as:

  • Admission, Discharge, and Transfer: By integrating Datix software with a patient administration system, the hospital can ensure that all patient information in Datix is up to date. With integration, as soon as a change is made in the patient administration system, Datix is notified and the same change is made, whether that is the addition of a new patient, an update of existing demographic information, or a merge of duplicate patient data.
  • Electronic Staff Records: An electronic staff records interface permits staff records to be periodically imported into Datix from a staff management system. This ensures that all hospital staff members are available as contacts in the Datix system, and that these same staff members can be linked to records.
  • Active Directory: Organizations will often have a Windows Active Directory system that controls the access that their staff has to digital resources. Datix can integrate directly with this Active Directory setup to enable the staff of an organization to gain access to the Datix system using their existing username and password, without placing any administrative burden on the administrators to manage users and passwords separately.

There are many other healthcare software systems that can benefit from integrating with Datix, ranging from interfacing with drug or asset databases to keep the Medications and Equipment modules up to date, to using external systems to automatically trigger the creation of incident records, and even sending out activity notifications via SMS text messages or pager messages. Regardless of where the integration occurs, there is little doubt that a well-though-out and implemented software integration initiative can improve hospital effectiveness and efficiency.