Crafting a Bespoke Patient Safety System

Datix offers its clients an answer to so many of the barriers and complications that can hinder a healthcare organization’s success.

Crafting A Bespoke Patient Safety System

At Datix, we develop products and services around the understanding that all healthcare organizations are different, and the patients treated through healthcare organizations have needs unique to their specific conditions.

The applications, modules, and supporting systems provided to Datix clients are, therefore, fully customizable, and our team of consultants is dedicated to working directly with organizational leaders and staff to ensure all Datix systems fulfill the demands of the patients they support.

Patient safety is a fragile business – upholding the physical and mental well-being of patients dealing with sensitive, chronic, and often potentially life-threatening conditions. The margin for error is slim, if existent at all, and any mistake made within a healthcare organization has the potential to negatively impact the health and livelihood of the patients treated therein.

Using resources such as risk register, incident reporting, and personalized software training, Datix offers its clients an answer to so many of the barriers and complications that can hinder a healthcare organization’s success. Through web-based filing and recording, as well as an approach to constant self-evaluation, Datix clients can greatly improve the quality of their services and reduce rates of patient safety incidents from occurring.

Quality Improvement Through Datix Cloud IQ

Datix Cloud IQ combines several steps and modalities dedicated to recognizing, assessing, and resolving patient safety incidents. The cyclical and fluid nature of this toolkit uses the Plan – Do – Study – Act approach to problem solving to thoroughly address issues and prevent future mistakes from recurring.

Datix Cloud IQ is fully customizable and allows healthcare organizations to continuously evaluate the functions of their staff and services to improve overall efficacy.

Advanced Staff Performance with the Use of DatixWeb Applications

This set of web-based applications is designed to support the efforts of healthcare professionals while eliminating unnecessary risks. Safety alerts, complaint handling, and dashboards create a fully customizable experience for the client, and their applications are chosen to ease their efforts and streamline their capabilities.

DatixWeb is all about sharing. By making information easily accessible across entire organizations, and by making data easily sharable among different departments and outside entities, DatixWeb helps foster an environment of cooperation. The more ideas are shared, the wider the scope of problem-solving techniques, the more effective their results will be. It is this mentality that helps set Datix clients apart from other healthcare organizations.

Customizing the Datix Experience Through Training

A large part of the services offered through Datix is the meticulous attention made to ensuring that clients fully understand – and are fully capable of operating – their modules. Through personalized training, Datix is able to relay this information to their clients so that they are always performing their tasks and duties to the best of their ability.