A Tailor-Made Patient Safety Experience

Datix offers an array of software to help in every step of the patient safety process, from managing risk factors and recording data to improving practices and remedying adverse events.

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Whether intended to be used by small, private care facilities or integrated into a larger hospital network, Datix’s patient safety software modules and programs have been designed for full customization.

Healthcare organizations differ vastly. The men and women who comprise the workforce of healthcare organizations vary in how they approach medicine, how they interact with patients, and what specific treatments they offer. Likewise, patients vary. Their needs, their concerns, the nuances of their particular health issues range in severity and complexity. And, though all healthcare organizations share the same goal of improving the health and well-being of the patients they serve, their needs are often unique – predicated on the demands of their environments.

Datix offers an array of software programs to help in every step of the patient safety process, from managing risk factors and recording data to improving practices and easing healthcare providers’ roles in remedying adverse events.


When healthcare organizations invest in Datix services, they are given access to a highly dedicated team of professionals. One of the cornerstones of any Datix partnership is its training services, through which organizational leaders and staff members can learn to fully understand and operate Datix software. Training can be performed either on-site or virtually, depending on an organization’s preferences. This lets healthcare providers gain insight into their new systems at their convenience and in an environment of their choosing.


Once training is complete and desired programs and modules are implemented, Datix helps maintain quality through close evaluation of services and a constant drive to invest in the most modern and effective technologies on the market. Products such as Datix Cloud IQ and DatixWeb have been developed to take into account some of the most common concerns in healthcare. This helps guarantee that when situations arise that need immediate attention and close, meticulous analysis, every effort is being put forth to improve operations and secure the health and safety of patients.

Health Checks

Healthcare is constantly changing, and to keep up with growing demands and make sure organizations evolve alongside these changes, it is vital that patient safety software be flexible. Datix provides its clients programs that not only encourage better safety measures, but also evaluate established procedures to provide the best options for advancement. For example, regularly scheduled Datix health checks will help assess areas of concern and provide recommendations for enhancing services moving forward.

Healthcare can be a confusing, complicated, and harrowing industry. But by providing a patient safety system that is tailor-made to improve operations and protect both patients and staff from adverse events, healthcare practices can be greatly improved.