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13th June 2018

Strengthening Organisational Memory Through Incident Reporting

Patient safety incidents do not need to spell failure. Instead, these incidents can act as priceless resources for improving organisational memory.

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30th May 2018

Developing Fluency with a Common Classification System

A common classification system helps ensure that all information, regardless of its source, is processed through the same channels.

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16th May 2018

Boosting Communication and Partnerships with Web-Based Forms

Healthcare organizations that foster a culture of cooperation are discovering higher functionality, fewer frustrations, and overall smoother staff performance.

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2nd May 2018

Ensuring Compliance and Understanding with Advanced Training

To improve internal operations, healthcare organizations should enroll their staffs in training programs to ensure they fully understand their systems.

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18th April 2018

Using Individualised Patient Feedback to Improve Healthcare

Patient feedback is one of the most effective methods for improving the healthcare experience, as well as quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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4th April 2018

How Software Integration Can Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency

There is little doubt that a well-though-out and implemented software integration initiative can improve hospital effectiveness and efficiency.

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21st March 2018

How to Improve the Patient Experience and Patient Safety

Although technology is not a panacea for all of healthcare’s ills, it can help correct deficiencies related to the patient experience and patient safety.

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