The Future of Patient Safety

The Future of Patient Safety

Datix has just released the new ground-breaking and cloud based patient safety software - Cloud IQ. It enables healthcare organizations to generate and implement strategies to enhance the delivery of efficient, targeted and effective care.

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The highly configurable nature of Datix software gives Mercy a tool to accurately reflect its current and future patient safety culture and processes
Dr. Peter Brawer Mercy
We were particularly impressed by the Datix leadership team who took an active interest in helping us make tangible improvements
Dr Alan Forster Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The implementation approach has helped foster a safety culture based on a more consistent, just and transparent reporting and learning environment
Annemarie Taylor BC Patient Safety Learning System
​The Defense Health Agency Selects Datix for its Joint Patient Safety Reporting initiative

Datix will support Joint Patient Safety Reporting initiative in collaboration with the Defense Health Agency and Veterans Healthcare Administration. CHICAGO –…

British Columbia Patient Safety Learning System

In 2001, British Columbia Health Services modernized a complicated healthcare system by merging 52 health authorities into a streamlined governance…

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Leading the worldwide patient safety movement

Leading the worldwide patient safety movement