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Risk register and risk framework
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The reporting of incidents is fundamental to understanding and managing risk in your organisation. Just as fundamental is the proactive identification of risks, their prioritisation and putting in place action plans to reduce likelihood of recurrence. The Datix risk register and Risk Framework enables you to do this.

Risk register and risk assurance framework

Building a risk assurance framework

The Datix risk register forms a key element of your risk framework. It enables you to record the major risks to your organisation and the principal objectives that they threaten.

Risks can be captured at every level, from the day-to-day risks faced by the staff on the ground, to the strategic risks at board level or above. These risks can then be prioritised according to a wide range of different criteria, enabling principal risks to be fed upwards to the Board.

Datix allows control measures to be recorded and actions to be scheduled where the current controls are inadequate. It enables you to keep track not only of your position before control measures were introduced, but also of the desired acceptable level of risk after the appropriate controls have been put in place. With Datix, you can even record the current rating for the risk at this moment in time. This unique approach to risk rating delivers a truly dynamic risk management solution.

A system for the whole organisation

With Datix, individual directorates and departments keep their own risk registers. Information feeds in to the organisation-wide risk register, giving a prioritised portfolio of risks across the entire organisation. Datix’s comprehensive security means that users in a department or directorate can only see their own risks, while managers can be granted permission to view the entire risk register.

A fully integrated risk management system

To help you identify and prioritise your risks, Datix can use incidents, complaints, claims or even patient feedback enquiries already held in the system. These can be linked to a risk, allowing information to be displayed automatically when a user enters a new incident of that risk type. Information in the other Datix modules can be used to prioritise your risk register. For example, you may wish to prioritise certain types of risk by the number of related incidents in the previous year. Datix will enable you to do this without the need to re-key information from another application.

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