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Ensuring Organizational Wellness with a Datix Health Check

Datix Consultancy audits healthcare organizations’ systems to assess key areas of focus, optimize efficacy, and recommend adjustments.

Ensuring Organizational Wellness With A Datix Health Check

In much the same way patients undergo routine checkups to ensure their wellness, organizations in the healthcare industry must perform regular evaluations of their systems and procedures to maintain a healthy, well-functioning practice.

When organizations forgo assessment of their inner workings, they leave themselves vulnerable to the stresses, pitfalls, and roadblocks that threaten the success of their operations. As healthcare organizations are tasked with the important job of maintaining the health and safety of patients, it is crucial that every step be made to constantly improve performance and proficiency lest the welfare of a patient be hindered due to the shortcomings of their healthcare providers.

Datix Consultancy audits healthcare organizations’ systems to assess key areas of focus, optimize efficacy, and recommend adjustments. Through these audits, a Datix consultant will work closely with healthcare leaders to break down the particulars of their organization’s Datix system, including both technical and practical applications. This hands-on approach to evaluating performance is intended to ensure that all Datix systems are running at peak performance to maximize investment, as well as build understanding among clients.

The Datix Consultancy Health Check

The Datix Consultancy Health Check is performed over the course of two or more days, depending on the intricacy of the client’s Datix system, as well as the particular needs of the organizations it supports. During this period, a Datix consultant will work either on-site or remotely with organizational leaders to explain the nuances and functions of their personalized Datix system. This is followed by a remote diagnostic check of all performances to guarantee that the Datix system is running smoothly, efficiently, and is always up-to-date to comply with the latest technological advancements.

Datix systems are designed with the needs of its clients in mind, and as such, are fully customizable to meet the demands of various healthcare organizations – including hospitals, private care providers, mental health facilities, ambulance services, and many others. To ensure that a healthcare organization’s Datix system is optimized to fulfill its everyday requirements, it is vital that Datix Health Checks be performed regularly.

Shedding Light on Performance

Once Health Checks are completed, a comprehensive report is produced to highlight areas of concern as well as provide insight into operational performance. This report will not only strengthen the capacity of an organization’s Datix system and supporting modules, but also shed light on the particular performances of its employees, departments, and auxiliary services.

Contact Datix today to find out more about Datix systems and modules and how the Datix Consultancy Health Check can greatly improve the efficiency of your Datix system. Maintaining a strong, compelling, and trustworthy system for providing patient care is vital to the success of all healthcare organizations – and will aid in securing the health and safety of all patients.

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02 August 2017