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​A new institute for patient safety - an update on progress

At the Datix International Patient Safety Conference in October last year, we launched our new patient safety software, Datix Cloud IQ.

An Update On Progress

It’s been a very busy few months here at Datix.

At the Datix International Patient Safety Conference in October last year, we launched our new patient safety software, Datix Cloud IQ. This new software builds on the Datix platform to provide healthcare organisations with a systematic approach that pairs analysis and inquiry to uncover underlying contributory factors with a robust method of implementing, sustaining and monitoring improvement. It is the culmination of years of thinking about how best to help our customers mine the rich seam of learning contained in the data they have been collecting and prove they are making the best use of it to keep patients safe from harm.

As well as this new software, last year we also announced the setting up of a new, not-for-profit organisation for patient safety learning and improvement (watch here). The mission of this new organisation is simple:

“… to help healthcare providers around the world protect patients from harm by sharing learning, promoting best practice and encouraging a culture of safety for patients and healthcare workers”

Behind the scenes, lots of work has been happening to make progress. Here are some of the things we will be doing:

  1. Bringing together a steering group with wide experience of the issues influencing patient safety. The group will include patients, academics, clinicians and whistleblowers.
  2. Sponsoring practical patient safety projects. For example, we are looking at exploring how healthcare organisations should best work with families affected by avoidable harm to restore trust and maximise learning.
  3. Working with experts to develop approaches to help healthcare organisations share patient safety learning and improvement.
  4. Encouraging healthcare organisations to incentivise patient safety reporting and improvement work.
  5. Sponsoring patient safety research projects in collaboration with academic institutions.

We’ve also been thinking a lot about how our new organisation will work. We want to make sure we don’t just produce reports that are published, read and then nothing much happens. Instead, we will take a creative approach to producing different types of tools that patients and professionals will find practical and useful so that we can deliver the maximum benefit in improving culture and safety.

So what happens next?

We still have a lot of work to do and are planning to officially launch the new organisation in the summer. We are looking forward to being able to talk more about the projects already in progress and how healthcare organisations, professionals, patients and families can get involved with our work. In the meantime, I’ll be regularly writing about progress via these blogs.

James Titcombe

James Titcombe OBE

Patient Safety Specialist

21 February 2017