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Datix software for patient safety
Software for patient safety

  • Patient Safety

    “It may seem a strange principle to enunciate, as the very first requirement in a hospital, that it should do the sick no harm” - Florence Nightingale.

    Healthcare is a high-risk industry and the harm done to patients remains a significant public health issue. Our passion is to help reduce this risk.

  • Service User Safety

    Care homes, assisted living facilities and nursing  homes increasingly want to understand how to improve safety for residents. We can help by providing software to manage the risk associated with providing elderly care. Some of the largest providers in the UK already benefit from Datix software.

  • Incident Reporting System

    We have been working with frontline healthcare staff for 25 years. Our web based incident reporting system reflects their experience and needs. We get the balance right between simplicity and complexity, ensuring that incident reporting for adverse events becomes a desire, not a burden.

  • Risk Management System

    Datix’s Risk Register tools help healthcare providers to understand patterns of risk, anticipate future adverse events and take effective and sustainable corrective action. Combined with our comprehensive risk management database, the Datix Risk Register is a powerful ally in your quest for patient safety.

  • Learning and Sharing

    Converting data into information and information into decision making are at the heart of Datix. Our reporting tools are highly flexible and simple to use. Reports can be shaped according to the user: from a detailed action plan for a clinical specialist to a summary “patient safety dashboard” for the board.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Datix is a committed stakeholder in the patient safety software and service user safety community and we now support some of the largest incident reporting systems in the world. We enable shared learning through our active user groups and our sponsorship of educational initiatives. We also continue to invest significantly in product research and development.